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Success Mantra

Long term business plan with quality management system which meets the requirements of high standards demands.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are real assets of the company and every employee has reasonable contribution in the growth of company. So Al Zahra Petrochem promotes every employee to be a part in the growth story of the company by sharing their personal views.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers satisfaction means their requirements met consistently through:

  • Get products in required sizes of packaging
  • Considering prevailing market conditions
  • Fast and flexible procurement of order
  • Opt for shortest delivery period
  • Professional execution of orders

System Improvement

System improvement is a prime focus area of Al Zahra Petrochem’s business philosophy. So It is in business interest to constantly assess, analyze and improve all relevant processes by way of a systematic quality assessment and adapt them as and when required.

Implementation of Policies

Management has measurable quality goals to implement company’s business policies. These quality goals and the policies are regularly being evaluated and adapted in accordance with market conditions.